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Indoor air quality: a “creeping blight”

Startling – and disquieting – revelations about the condition of the air that we breathe were made by Julie Riggs at the 2019 Saiosh Health and Safety Conference. DEBORAH RUDMAN reports

Addressing noise in the workplace

Whether it is constant chatter in the office, or loud drilling on a construction site, noise pollution can result in an unproductive workplace. MARISKA MORRIS looks at some of the approaches to preventing noise in the workplace

Health and safety: core values in world’s largest chocolate factory

Deemed a super food by scientists, courtesy of its anti-oxidant properties, chocolate tops the list of best-loved “treats”. LIANA SHAW explores the world’s largest chocolate factory, based in the Netherlands, to find out how its so-called Value Based Leadership initiative is enhancing plant health and safety

Risk management in supply-chain

The landscape for managing risk has changed. Following the 2008 financial crisis, people no longer have the same amount of trust in companies

Maintaining professional competence

Neels Nortjé, chief executive officer of the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh), explains why it is important to pursue continuing professional development in the health and safety field

Why are social-risk discussions so hard?

The risk landscape is ever changing and there will never be a dull moment for risk practitioners

Championing refrigerant recovery and reclamation

Speciality chemicals supplier A-Gas South Africa claims to be taking the lead in preventing the venting of refrigerants into the atmosphere, which not only damages the ozone layer, but contributes to global warming.

Fibre composite breakthrough

Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute claims a material milestone in the development of bio-based fibre composites

Hyundai develops wearable exoskeleton

Hyundai has developed a Vest EXoskeleton (VEX) – a wearable robot created to assist industrial workers who spend long hours working in overhead environments.