Sheq Mag

At the heart of the matter

BLAKE GRACE, director of Ventria, a company that delivers an all-in-one managed automated external defibrillator (AED) solution, discusses sudden cardiac arrest and the importance of having an AED close at hand

Swift response to emergencies

With the correct first-aid training and equipment, employers can swiftly respond to medical emergencies and potentially save or minimise harm to an injured or distressed employee

Fire and emergency ready

No matter the industry, every workplace should be prepared for a fire or other emergencies by having trained employees, frequent drills and the correct equipment

Injury compensation: SA versus UK

To better understand the challenges of providing compensation to injured employees, Albert Mushai and Robert Vivian compare a compensation court case in the United Kingdom with the South African workmen’s compensation approach

Beware of bogus safety bodies

A legitimate professional body can assist its members in advancing their careers while protecting the public from misconduct. Saiosh CEO NEELS NORTJE provides some insight into separating the legitimate professional bodies from the bogus ones

A pat on the back

Praise from a manager can encourage safe behaviour in the workplace. BRETT SOLOMON takes a look at the science that backs this up

Championing refrigerant recovery and reclamation

Speciality chemicals supplier A-Gas South Africa claims to be taking the lead in preventing the venting of refrigerants into the atmosphere, which not only damages the ozone layer, but contributes to global warming.

Fibre composite breakthrough

Germany’s Fraunhofer Institute claims a material milestone in the development of bio-based fibre composites

Hyundai develops wearable exoskeleton

Hyundai has developed a Vest EXoskeleton (VEX) – a wearable robot created to assist industrial workers who spend long hours working in overhead environments.