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Rowan Watt-Pringle on 08/17/2020

A sizzling snare?

American singer and songwriter Lana Del Rey had everyone singing along to “Summertime Sadness” from her 2012 album Born to Die: The Paradise Edition. ROWAN WATT-PRINGLE takes a look at ways to overcome the occupational blues

SHEQ Management on 08/17/2020

2020: Year of the black swan

Black swan events – those out-of-the-blue, large-scale occurrences that might only be rationalised with hindsight – can cause massive destruction. What distinguishes black swans from other disasters or crises is their unpredictability, substantial scale and the shock factor that accompanies them

Graham Pearson on 08/17/2020

Socially distanced OSH Training

As the lockdown eases, more workplaces and educational centres are returning to work. GRAHAM PEARSON, chairperson of the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, provides guidance on how to provide healthy, safe and socially distanced OSH training

SHEQ Management on 08/17/2020

Innovation takes flight

The potential danger of gas is that it can be present without any indication (by sight or smell). We take a look at some of the most innovative gas-detection offerings available on the market

SHEQ Management on 08/17/2020

Get ready to rumble during lockdown

It is often said that opportunity arises out of adversity. Covid-19 has been massively disruptive, but it does provide some opportunities …

SHEQ Management on 08/17/2020

Trained to have a head for heights

Falls from height remains one of the biggest causes of fatalities and major injuries in the building, construction and maintenance industries. How can training help workforces to fight this scourge?

SHEQ Management on 08/17/2020

Your eyes, our passion

No longer designed only as protection devices, Univet’s safety glasses are stylish and comfortable, encouraging more people to start caring for their eyes.

Rowan Watt-Pringle on 08/17/2020

Hand protection in the age of Corona

The importance of washing our hands has been drummed into us over the last few months, but how do frontline workers exposed to Covid-19 every day protect against the dangers of the pandemic? ROWAN WATT-PRINGLE finds out more about the gloves protecting those who are protecting the nation

SHEQ Management on 07/03/2020

Local is still lekker

The “local is lekker” slogan has been around for some time. The current pandemic-induced predicament has, however, made it even more crucial for South Africans – the general public and all organisations – to support local products

Johan Heyneke on 07/03/2020

Building bridges

How important are health and safety officers at construction sites? Johan Heyneke, health and safety consultant at Riscon Consultants, explores the issue

Liana Shaw on 07/03/2020

Accident prevention – are we slipping up?

Sadly, and despite the ongoing hype around preventing accidents in the workplace, incidents continue to rise around the world. What’s the position in South Africa? LIANA SHAW investigates

SHEQ Management on 07/03/2020

Human error debunked, while curiosity and collaboration win

The EHS Congress has catapulted itself into the centre of the health and safety (H&S) community by providing an unparalleled range of high-quality presentations, bringing together hundreds of important thought leaders and H&S professionals from across Europe and beyond

SHEQ Management on 07/03/2020

Aiding and empowering women

So far 2020 has seen a lot. Bushfires in Australia, floods in Indonesia, riots in Delhi and – perhaps the most devastating of them all – Covid-19. This period might go down in history as the year the Earth stood still … But 2020 is delivering positives as well – specifically some stellar initiatives

SHEQ Management on 07/03/2020

COIDA for occupationally acquired Covid-19

Herman Enoch, marketing and communications manager at the Federated Employers Mutual (FEM) Assurance Company, outlines the claims procedure in cases of occupationally acquired Covid-19

SHEQ Management on 07/03/2020

Can we return to the workplace, safely?

We’ve entered a period of phased lifting of lockdown. But will South Africa see a rise in the number of Covid-19 cases? We look at how companies can protect their workforce as we try to get the economy rolling again

SHEQ Management on 07/03/2020

Certified clash with Covid-19

Organisations are coming up with innovative ways to battle the Covid-19 pandemic. But not all solutions have to include advanced sanitation booths, for example. Certification is doing its part as well

Liana Shaw on 07/02/2020

First aid training in focus amid covid-19

Now that most companies have returned to work, “back to work safety” has become the name of the game. LIANA SHAW showcases some of the initiatives and training solutions on offer by companies specialising in the field of first aid

SHEQ Management on 05/11/2020

Unmasking local innovation

With the world on lockdown, local businesses are innovating to ensure essential products are still available. We celebrate these unsung heroes

SHEQ Management on 04/24/2020

These boots are made for working

Injuries in the workplace are a sobering reality, impacting negatively on both employees and employers. In this issue, LIANA SHAW looks at the importance of specialised footwear as a way to minimise accidents in the workplace

SHEQ Management on 04/24/2020

Below zero

Oymyakon, Russia, is reportedly the coldest inhabited place on Earth. During November the average temperature is a shivering -39°C. We grab our mittens and discover what challenges workers face in extreme cold

Jaco de Klerk on 04/24/2020

Don't chop off your legs to fit the bed!

Employees are working longer and harder as organisations have to make do with fewer people (thanks to a harsher economic climate). Sarah Bannatyne, a certified professional ergonomist at Ergonomics Engineering, highlights how ergonomics can lighten the load

Jaco de Klerk on 04/24/2020

Seeing the forest for the trees (and relics)

JACO DE KLERK discovers that interesting initiatives are plentiful in our planet’s forestry sector, from nature-based solutions for global warming to the preservation of ancient remains

SHEQ Management on 04/24/2020

How much more?

Load shedding is zapping billions from the economy in lost productivity and production, as well as damaged equipment. But all hope is not lost

SHEQ Management on 04/24/2020

Wising up to food

While it’s most important for employers to provide employees with safe and healthy workplaces, it’s also important to encourage healthy lifestyles – starting with the food that’s consumed at work