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Kyle Bloch on 08/17/2020

Leading together in rough storms

The world’s attention has shifted to Covid-19 and businesses are scrambling not only to stay profitable, but also to survive in the wake of the pandemic

SHEQ Management on 08/17/2020

Managing quality during a pandemic

Quality management is a crucial element in any organisation. It should be approached like a dance, making customer satisfaction a priority, while monitoring and measuring the efficiency of processes

Robert W Vivian and Albert Mushai on 08/17/2020

Lessons for SA from the UK – occupational diseases compensation

Compensation for occupational diseases should, in general, be handled the same way as worker’s compensation. One system should exist for occupational accidents and diseases, covering all employees – irrespective of the industry in which they work

Sanjay Munnoo on 08/17/2020

Empowering members

Covid-19 infection rates have increased rapidly over recent weeks and we have to brace for worse to come. The impact really hits home when we talk to colleagues who have tragically lost someone because of the virus

Andrew Sharman on 08/17/2020

A brave new world

Professor Dr Andrew Sharman, global thought leader, safety culture expert and president of the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH), discusses leadership lessons from the coronavirus pandemic and highlights how you can create a culture of care in a post-pandemic world

Charleen Clarke on 08/17/2020

Take a bow, mining industry!

The mining industry in South Africa should take a bow. Between 1993 and 2019, the industry experienced a 92% overall decline in the number of fatalities! And, in 2019, South Africa’s mining industry recorded the lowest number of fatalities since record-keeping began more than a century ago!

Kyle Bloch on 07/02/2020

The essential trio

There is a problem-solving principle that exists within the philosophical field known as Occam’s Razor. In layman’s terms, it advises that the simplest explanation is often the best one. Here’s a plea to employers

Hope Kiwekete on 07/02/2020

Risk communication: For better or worse

The Covid-19 pandemic has highlighted the fact that there is no better time to communicate than during a time of crisis, and the uncertainty it’s created reminds us that risk will always be part of life

Professor Robert W Vivian and Dr Albert Mushai on 07/02/2020

Volenti non fit injuria

There was a time employees who were injured at work were unsuccessful if they attempted to obtain compensation by suing their employers. Dr Albert Mushai, Professor Robert Vivian and BCom Honours student Sekitla Segowa take a look at the origin of the volenti non fit injuria defence in occupational injury claims

Brian Darlington on 07/02/2020

Our world is not your ashtray!

Our columnist’s blood boils when he sees cigarette butts lying on the ground. He says that this is a “wicked problem”, involving habit and addiction – so it’s incredibly hard to solve …

Sanjay Munnoo on 07/02/2020

Saiosh response to Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic is presenting various challenges, as well as opportunities, for health and safety professionals, who are used to dealing with risk as a function of the job. The South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh) and its members are playing a crucial role during these unprecedented and challenging times

Charleen Clarke on 07/02/2020

More good news!

In our last issue, I wrote about the good news associated with Covid-19 (yes, I am an optimist). Now, I bring you more good news – and it won’t come as a surprise. For obvious reasons, the market for personal protective equipment is exploding!

Kyle Bloch on 04/24/2020

Beliefs drive behaviour

Kyle Bloch highlights how our beliefs and assumptions influence our actions, especially during emergency situations, and provides pointers on how employers can promote a culture of safety

Professor Robert W Vivian and Albert Mushai on 04/24/2020

What can South Africa Learn from UK Developments?

The workplace is a complex environment in more ways than most people might think. Various factors operate synergistically or in isolation to produce undesirable outcomes. Consequently, occupational health and safety risks are invariably dynamic and evolving

Sanjay Munnoo on 04/24/2020

The rise of Saiosh

The year 2020 is special for Saiosh, an organisation established by dedicated industry professionals in 2010. A decade later, with more than 15 000 members, Saiosh is the only South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) certified body and the largest entity of OHS professionals in Africa

Brian Darlington on 04/24/2020

Do we listen with intent?

A chance encounter with an Australian led our columnist to ponder the importance of listening with intent – and not just hearing. He writes that the implications for safety can be significant …

Charleen Clarke on 04/24/2020

Covid-19: not just bad news

Covid-19 has been utterly horrific for humankind and the economy (both here in South Africa and globally too). But it’s not ALL bad …


Workmen’s compensation and volunteers

Are volunteer emergency responders – such as a firefighters – entitled to claim compensation if they are injured on duty? ALBERT MUSHAI and ROBERT VIVIAN examine the question

Sanjay Munnoo on 02/17/2020

Outlining Saiosh’s Code of Conduct

Professionals often face ethical dilemmas while carrying out their duties. Saiosh is governed by a constitution, a code of conduct and by disciplinary procedures

Andrew Sharman and Darren Sutton on 02/17/2020

Selling safety

Can ideas that work well in the world of sales be applied to improving health and safety performance in the workplace? ANDREW SHARMAN and DARREN SUTTON outline some concepts

Brian Darlington on 02/17/2020

The unsafe “in-group” on our roads

The more people break the rules of the road, the more tolerant others become of at-risk behaviour, and in time they, too, start to break the rules. To combat the scourge, company leaders should make a concerted effort to raise awareness of road safety, says BRIAN DARLINGTON

Albert Mushai and Robert Vivian on 01/15/2020

Injury compensation: SA versus UK

To better understand the challenges of providing compensation to injured employees, Albert Mushai and Robert Vivian compare a compensation court case in the United Kingdom with the South African workmen’s compensation approach

Neels Nortje on 01/15/2020

Beware of bogus safety bodies

A legitimate professional body can assist its members in advancing their careers while protecting the public from misconduct. Saiosh CEO NEELS NORTJE provides some insight into separating the legitimate professional bodies from the bogus ones