Sheq Mag
Peter Lamb on 10/17/2019

Risk management in supply-chain

The landscape for managing risk has changed. Following the 2008 financial crisis, people no longer have the same amount of trust in companies

Neels Nortje on 10/15/2019

Maintaining professional competence

Neels Nortjé, chief executive officer of the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh), explains why it is important to pursue continuing professional development in the health and safety field

Albert Mushai and Robert Vivian on 10/14/2019

The illegality principle and claims for damages

Albert Mushai and Robert Vivian argue that without a specific clause in an insurance contract that excludes liability of the insurer for claims under the illegality principle, chances are insurers are repudiating claims for which they are liable

Brett Solomon on 10/14/2019

Don’t tell me what to do

Like sports coaches, wise managers empower their employees to make necessary decisions within their roles and responsibilities – and the rules of the game offer the necessary controls

Andrew Sharman and Darren Sutton on 10/14/2019

I’d like to teach the world…

How can we implement more effective learning and continuing professional development (CPD) strategies to develop better leaders, or a more effective and reliable workforce? These are questions for which Andrew Sharman and Darren Sutton are trying to find answers.

Wynter Murdoch on 10/14/2019

Preventing violence in the workplace

South Africa’s Commission for Employment Equity (CEE) – a division within the Department of Employment and Labour – has endorsed the International Labour Organisation’s recently adopted violence and harassment convention.

Sanjay Munnoo on 08/19/2019

Wanted: Health and safety for emerging contractors

Small, medium and micro-enterprises (SMMEs) play a vital role in developing economies because they absorb a significant part of the unemployed labour force, but they need to focus on health and safety

Andrew Sharman on 08/15/2019

How to make training work for you

Professor Andrew Sharman and Darren Sutton tackle the challenges of making health and safety training stick, by exploring a range of techniques for management – and learners – to get more out of the next training session

Brian Darlington on 08/15/2019

Engagement is key to success

When working towards an improved safety culture within an organisation, engagement is essential

Sanjay Munnoo on 06/14/2019

Mental health affects safety!

For some time now, I’ve been wanting to write about mental health - a condition that affects so many lives

Sheq Management on 06/14/2019

Saiosh Conference - roaring success yet again!

The ninth iteration of the annual conference of the South African Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (Saiosh) saw a large turnout of attendees from all spheres of the occupational health and safety (OHS) sector. The SHEQ MANAGEMENT team was there in full force too! This report was filed by DEBORAH RUDMAN, MARISKA MORRIS and CHARLEEN CLARKE - and they concur that this was the best Saiosh conference to date. Here are just some of the highlights

Albert Mushai on 06/14/2019

Silicosis compensation: whose problem is it?

Evidence suggests that trusts do not provide the best solutions to the problems of compensation for occupational diseases - especially when dealing with the magnitude of silicosis claims in South Africa

Brett Solomon on 06/14/2019

Excuse me, what did you just say?

Safety cannot be spoken about in isolation. It needs to be integrated into all discussions and actions in the workplace. The trick is to intentionally use directional language that takes companies to where they want to be.

Hope Kiwekete on 06/13/2019

Adopting a risk mindset

It is not too late for all sectors of industry to take lessons from the recent Boeing 737 MAX tragedy and adopt workplace strategies that focus on the benefits of a risk mindset in operations and activities

Andrew Sharman on 06/13/2019

True causes of unsafe behaviour

Busy workplaces are challenging environments in which we need to have our wits about us in order to maintain levels of safety. Andrew Sharman considers individual and organisational causes that influence behaviour at work

Brian Darlington on 06/13/2019

Fundamentals of good safety

Simply getting the basics right provides the foundation for developing a good safety culture in the workplace. In the first of a series of articles on the subject, BRIAN DARLINGTON offers some advice

Charleen Clarke on 06/13/2019

If we fail, people die

I recently attended the 14th annual HSE Excellence Europe in Amsterdam and it reminded me - yet again - of the vital importance of proper health and safety procedures. After all, if SHEQ professionals fail at their jobs, people die ...

Neels Nortje on 04/23/2019

A proud history

Saiosh CEO, Neels Nortje, takes us down memory lane and chronicles the history of Occupational Health and Safety in South Africa.

Hope Kiwekete on 04/18/2019

Forewarned is not always forearmed

From natural environmental disasters to the impact on the environment by human activity, there are countless factors to consider when it comes to the management of environmental risks